Katukina Rapé – Nisural


Made with a mixture of local organic moi Tabaco and the more potent corda tobacco. The medicine is prepared with Tsunu ashes, or Tsono as the Katukina say. Then there is a herb they call Nisural. It is from the same family as Apuxury and Pixuri. Many of the local herbs go by a variety of names depending on the tribe that uses them. Then there are sub species that are very similar but for the small physical distances are quite particular. It is used for headaches and clearing negative energies.

 In the words of the maker:

“Rapé from Tsunu is a medicine for healing. We put the Nisural to take away the bad thoughts. Sometimes we have some mental perturbation and we take this rapé to clear our thoughts. When we have bad thoughts we take this medicines to take away our bad thoughts.”

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