Poyanawa Snuff – Jagube


Jagube is another of the nearly endless list of names used for the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine, the main ingredient of the legendary Ayahuasca brew. This name is used by some groups including the Santo Daime communities mainly in the Acre region of Brasil. The Poyanawa make this medicine with the ashes of the vine a tradition started by their Cacique, their chief. They brew mainly the bark of the vine and have started to use the wood for making ashes. As the vine gives strength and stamina to the brew so the ash also will pass these qualities to their snuff.

The medicine is scented with pixuri leaf, their favorite medicine to add to rapé for its cleansing and elevating properties. Pixuri seeds are also used for cooking appreciated for its pleasant flavor. The leaves are used in herbal baths for energetic cleansing.

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