Pedro Univu Kuntanawa

For those who want to hear! Simple but profound words from a true teacher of the forest, a master of the plants. Our dear friend and partner Pedro Univu Kuntanawa is sharing a little of his vison of the forest and its gifts and what it means to him.


We occasionally work with different members from the tribe, but our main partner is Pedro Univu Kuntanawa. The Kuntanawa nation lives spread out over a few villages in the upper Jurua Region in the Brazilian state of Acre. Their territory is on the Tejo River, a smaller river that joins the Jurua. Univu is one of the elder sons of Milton and Dona Mariana, the patriarch, and the late matriarch of the tribe.

Univu grew up in the forest working since a young age as a rubber tapper where he was introduced to the medicines and mysteries of the Amazon Forest. Later in life he more and more dedicated himself to studying the healing plants and spiritual medicines of the region. He is a very intuitive person who learns from his surroundings, from nature, the sun, and the stars. He learned from the sacred plants and the spiritual beings that live in the magical forest. He is very dedicated to the sacred medicines and has many a story to tell, a real teacher of the plants and its mysteries. Kuntanawa Rapé is his specialty.

He makes a great Kuntanawa Veia de Paje (our Heart of the Boa) and Samauma Snuff, among many other varieties that he mastered. He makes many of our Kuntanawa Rapé Snuffs and is the spiritual guide of his cousin Tete Pawã who also produces for us.

For many years we have been working with the Kuntanawa family. We offer a beautiful selection of Rapé from their making and have also a selection of bone and bamboo Kuripes and Tepis of their making.

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