Our rapé tribal snuff is a shamanic aid from the indigenous cultures of the Brazilian Amazon. Sacred Connection Rapé Snuff is directly sourced from the depths of the Amazon rain forest, from legendary tribes such as the Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, Katukina, Kuntanawa, the Nukini and others.

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Apurinã Rapé

Apurinã Snuff – Awiry


Caboclo Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Croa


Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Paricá


Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Parica Xtra

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Rapé spiritual medicine: what are the
possible benefits?

Rapé (pronounced “ha-peh”) is a traditional herbal preparation used by indigenous people of the Amazon basin for various purposes. It is made by grinding and blending many times tobacco but not always, various medicinal plants, tree barks, and ashes into a fine powder, which is then blown into the nostrils using a pipe, called a tepi or kuripe.

Mental clarity and focus:

Rapé is believed to clear mental fog and enhance focus,concentration, and clarity of thought. 

Spirittual connection:

Many people who use Rapé describe feeling a deeper connection to nature, the universe, and their inner selves. It can also be used to facilitate meditation and spiritual practices.. 

Physical healing:

Some traditional healers use Rapé to treat a variety of physical ailments, including headaches, sinus congestion, and respiratory issues.

Emotional healing:

Rapé is also believed to help release emotional blockages and promote feelings of relaxation, inner peace, and emotional well-being.


The ashes used in Rapé contain alkaloids that can help the body release toxins and purify the respiratory system.


These reported effects are based on stories related by the tribes that produce these snuffs. They are not corroborated by science or research.

Buy Rapé online with us!

At our online store, you can buy rapé with confidence knowing that we prioritize fair and sustainable practices. We work directly with all the indigenous communities in the Brazillian Amazon whose products we sell. As such we source our finished products and ingredients directly from the tribes and ensure that the production process is environmentally responsible and supports local communities. Our rapé products are made from high-quality natural ingredients and have been carefully curated by experienced practitioners to provide a safe and authentic experience. With our commitment to fair trade and responsible sourcing, you can trust that your purchase will have a positive impact on the environment and the people who produce it. Shop with us for a quality, ethical, and authentic rapé experience.


Take a look at others sacred snuffs!


Take a look at others sacred snuffs!


Apurinã Rapé is a traditional Amazonian snuff made from Awiry, a special plant used by the Apurinã. It is known for its grounding and cleansing effects. It contains only a very small percentage of ash and is tobacco free.

Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin Rapé is sacred snuff made from Amazonian plants, used for its purifying and energizing properties. The Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa use a great variety of herbs and ashes in their blends.


Katukina Rapé is a traditional snuff made from tobacco, ashes and medicinal plants. It is used for its stimulating and cleansing effects. The Katukina are specialists in medicines like Kambo.


Kuntanawa Rapé is a sacred snuff known for its great variety flavors and spiritual herbs used. It has grounding and uplifting properties and is in general a strong and deep medicine.


The Nukini are known for their powerful and deep Rapé snuff. It is famous for its grounding and clarifying effects.


Our Puyanawa partners make their famous rapé spiced with Pixuri and Murici ashes. Puyanawa Rapé is a sacred snuff used for its spiritual and cleansing properties.


Shanenawa Rapé is made with strong tobacco and caneleiro ashes. It is the latest tribe we added to our selection of fine Amazonian Rapé snuffs.


Shawadawa Rapé is powerful snuff made from Amazonian plants from their tradition. Our Shawãdawa partner is from a family of healers and connoisseurs of healing and transforming plants.


Yawanawa Rapé is a very traditional snuff made mostly from the finest tobacco and tsunu ashes, a tree known by them for its spiritual force.


We produce our Shamanic Snuff line under direct supervision from our partners from the Amazon, adhering to the highest quality standards. Our standardized recipes ensure consistent, top-quality products at unbeatable prices.


Sananga eye drops are a traditional Amazonian medicine used for its cleansing and healing properties. Made from the Tabernaemontana undulata plant, it is known for its powerful effects on the eyes and the spirit.

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