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Wooden Kuripe

Wood Kuripe

Kuripe pipes are V-shaped applicators used for personal intake of different rapé blends, with one end meant to be placed into the nostril, and the other to be pressed over the mouth so that the snuff can be blown into the body’s airways.

These pipes have been a part of countless native peoples’ customs and rituals for several decades now, and all variants offered by Sacred Connection are handmade and present original designs with perfect usability.

A tool essential to those who wish to embark on a personal journey into the sacred rituals of Rapé. The Kuripe pipe is meant for self-administration of shamanic snuff, and this handmade one is particularly light in weight and beautiful in design!

Taking Rapé

Rapé is a sacred, ancient medicine that’s been an essential part of many indigenous communities’ customs and rituals as means to connect oneself with Nature’s power and healing forces. It is a fine powder, crafted by expert hands, and most blends often carry alkaline ashes, medicinal herbs and plants, and tobacco in their formula.

The taking of Rapé is equally sacred, and should be done with respectful intent throughout the entire process, by people who have taken time to understand the cultural significance of such a rite, as well as its benefits and possible outcomes.

It is very common to have this shamanic snuff administered into the nose by means of one of two types of pipe: either the tepi pipe, which is a more elongated pipe that is used by shamans and experienced people to blow the Rapé powder into another individual’s nostrils, or the kuripe pipe, which is mostly used for personal, individual intake, hence its V-shape.

Setting up the ritual for Rapé with your Kuripe

Firstly, find a suitable place to initiate your own Rapé ritual. Whichever place you choose doesn’t need to be religiously sacred, but somewhere filled with spirituality and energetic flow, a place that means something to you and can help you focus and expand your intentions.

Once you’ve elected your location, take the time to ground yourself in the present and really bring forth the intentions you have for the ritual and for the Rapé; think of what you expect to achieve by making use of this sacred medicine, of what you need guidance for, of what needs healing.

As you measure the desired amount of snuff (a pea-sized amount should be enough for most cases), you may chant any prayers or hymns if you so desire. Scoop the blend into the nose-end of your kuripe applicator, then carefully tap the curved V peak on a hard surface to eliminate any air pockets or reminiscing bits of stuck rapé.

Using your Kuripe

Place the mouth-end into your mouth and carefully position the other end into one nostril. As you lean forward, remember to have your eyes closed to avoid blowing Rapé into them and to have your intentions in mind.

Then, give the pipe a hard blow to send the shamanic snuff into your airways, and take a moment to experience the moment and feel the strength and power of sacred Rapé.

It is important to try and “hold in” the rapé for a few instants before blowing it out again - which is a process that will most likely happen naturally, too.

When taking your Rapé

Keep in mind that both sides/nostrils should receive this medicine to achieve balance between the things one desires to let go and what they wish to receive and welcome, or the whole process might slightly backfire - fear and rejection of part of the ritual might be considered as rejecting the spirit of the Rapé.

And remember that this ritual is one of cleansing; while it is recommended to wait a while for the effects of Rapé to take place, whenever fluids start to drip down the throat or nose, expel them from your body, as such processes may be considered the manifestation of ridding oneself from physical and spiritual ailments.

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