Mixed Hardwood Kuripe


Sacred Medicine, along with skilled artisan Rafael, is now proud to bring a new collection of Kuripes* to our customers! Made with noble woods, with exclusive designs, each piece is handmade, rich with unique beauty and vibrant colors.

The V-shape of these tools makes for an excellent and smooth taking of Sacred Shamanic Snuff as part of any ritual, and you can be sure it promotes safe and effective self-application. And, to make things even better, the materials used in the making of these tools originates from careful recycling and reusing processes, emphasizing our concern and respect for Nature by eliminating any waste.

Choose between our colorful designs and complement your journey of natural healing with an exclusive Kuripe that unites traditional craftsmanship and sustainability.

* Because this is a handmade product, variations in color and size may happen.

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Mixed Hardwood Kuripe
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