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Tribal Medicine

In indigenous cultures around the world and in most other traditional medicine systems like the Chinese and Ayurvedic, dis-ease is seen as a consequence of energetic imbalances that accumulate and over time materialize in the body as physical illness. In the Tribal Medicine system in Brazil they refer a lot to the term “Panema”, which is defined as a general condition of literally “dis-ease”, an accumulation of negative energies that we store in our subtle bodies and makes us sick or complicates the flow of life in general. These energies come from daily situations like stress, hardship, arguments, negative emotions generated by ourselves or negative thoughts projected on us by others like jealousy, spite or the so called evil eye. This brings us in their culture in the realm of magic, curses consciously or unconsciously projected in our direction.
In the forest people have a vast knowledge of herbs, foods and practices that are for very specific ailments but their traditional spiritual medicines are mostly for relieving the Panema. These are the medicines like Rapé Sacred Snuff, Sananga, Kambo, Tobacco and Ayahuasca. They also use Incenses and Herbal Baths to clean away the negative energies and restore balance.

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