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The people called Caboclos are the fruit of the historical syncretic relations dating back to the post-colonization Read More

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Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Eucalipto


Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Paricá


Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Parica Xtra


Rapé, Sacred Snuff

Caboclo Rapé – Yuxibu


Caboclo Snuff

Caboclo snuff is Rapé that reflects the cultural heritage of the Caboclos, a unique group of people whose history is deeply connected to the syncretic relations between indigenous, European, and African elements that emerged in South America after colonization. Our Caboclo Rapé makers have a deep understanding of the plants and herbs they use, as well as from the traditional techniques and customs associated with its crafting.The resulting blend of flavors and aromas in Caboclo snuff represents the melding of indigenous knowledge and European techniques, as well as the influence of African traditions. The use of Caboclo snuff serves as a tangible reminder of the resilience and strength of indigenous communities, and today, the Caboclo people continue to honor their cultural heritage through the use of these special blends.


What are the benefits?

Caboclo Rapé is 100% traditional snuff made from the finest powdered tobacco, ashes and herbs used by traditional communities in Brazil for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Its supposed benefits include relieving anxiety and stress, improving focus and concentration, boosting the immune system, and promoting spiritual and emotional well-being. Caboclo Rapé has been in ceremony and daily use. Additionally, the preparation and use of Caboclo Rapé serves as a cultural practice that allows for the preservation and sharing of indigenous knowledge and traditions.

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The Amazon Basin is home to a vast array of Rapé mixtures utilized by indigenous peoples, and delving into their diverse range can provide valuable insight into the cultural heritage and traditions of these communities. Every Rapé blend is comprised of a distinct combination of plant materials, ashes, and other natural substances that are meticulously selected and combined in accordance with specific beliefs and customs.


The Nukini people use rapé as a traditional medicine for various purposes, including spiritual and medicinal purposes. Nukini rapé is typically made from tobacco and other plants sacred to their tradition which are mixed with ashes from venerated trees and other medicinal plants. See more...


Kuntanawa rapé is known for its potent effects on the mind and body, and is used by the Kuntanawa people for various purposes, including spiritual, medicinal, and cultural. It is often used as a tool for spiritual cleansing and purification, and is sometimes used in traditional ceremonies and rituals. See more...

Apurinã Rapé

The use of Apurinã Rapé is deeply rooted in the indigenous culture of the Apurinã people, who believe that it helps to connect them to their ancestors, spirits, and the natural world around them. It is also used for healing and medicinal purposes, such as treating respiratory problems and headaches. See more...