Sananga – 10ml

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Sananga Sacred Eye Drops

Sananga has a wide range of traditional uses in the Amazon forest. Sananga eye drops are traditionally used for a variety of eye problems including cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, and for preventing other eye diseases and ailments. For the Yawanawa tribe, sananga is a powerful medicine for relieving extremely painful headaches.

Culturally used in medicinal ceremonies, sananga eye drops are said to quiet the mind and enhance focus. They are also used to sharpen one’s vision when hunting at night.

Beyond the physical and mental aspects, sananga is also believed to be a spiritual medicine. Its powerful detoxifying properties cleanse the spirit of negative energy and prevent what is known as “panema,” the spiritual accumulation of negative energy in the body that, when left untreated, can potentially lead to physical ailments. Sananga is revered as an essential medicine for the body, mind, and spirit.

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This is not a medicine and we don’t make any claims about what it can heal, we just repeat what the tribes that use it say it does. Please consult a medical practitioner if you have health problems.

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Sananga eye drops are used to sharpen one’s vision.

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