A secular part of the culture of countless native communities across the Amazon forest, Ambil is a sacred mixture derived from tobacco and other organic plants and herbs, often taken along with another medicine called mambe.

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The value of Ambil

This medicinal paste is appreciated for its soothing yet stimulant effects. While shamans and elders believe it to unburden and heal the mind and spirit, clearing up pathways and pushing away vain thoughts to welcome guidance from God and powerful entities alike, users of Ambil also claim that this medicine sharpens the mind and the senses, kindling mental clarity and golden thinking, in addition to cleansing the body and offering spiritual protection. Most consume Ambil along with super foods, as one energetically complements the other, and it's quite common for the paste to be used before ceremonies of Ayahuasca, in order to clear the mind and cleanse the body, opening the third eye and sharpening focus, which makes for an easier incorporation of different sacred plant medicines.

How is Ambil used?

Traditionally, a scooping tool (such as a stick or a small and thin bone) is dipped into the Ambil to gather a small amount of the paste, which is placed onto the fingertip. The paste is then rubbed over the gums, teeth, or tongue, making it dilutable by saliva and can enter the bloodstream. The direct insertion of fingers into the paste is avoided mainly for hygienic reasons, as Ambil is commonly shared among several people during the same rituals. Small containers of Ambil can be seen being used around the neck by people who make use of it.

The Muinane People

Also referred to as Murui, Mi-ka, Mi-pode, Witoto, or Huitoto people, the Muinane people can be found at certain areas of the Amazon tropical forest, such as around the south of Colombia, and the frontiers bordering Brazil and Peru. According to government documentations, the community is divided into two main groups: the Murui (People from the West) and the Muinane (People from the East). In addition, they are composed of three different ethnic linguistic groups: the huitoto minica (or meneca), the huitoto nipode (or muinane), and the bue (or murui). Sacred Connection’s Ambil is made by the skilled hands of members of the Muinane community that reside in the Colombian Amazon. Read more about the Muinane (or Huitoto) people here! You can also read or translate an article in Brazilian Portuguese about them here.

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