Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra

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Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra

Sacred Connection Tsunu Extra is our Tsunu power blend.

Sacred Connection Tsunu Extra is our Tsunu power blend. A Rapé made with Tsunu ashes and extra strong Sabiá tobacco. This deep black corda (rope) tobacco comes from the state Minas Gerais. At the moment it is the favorite of the top tribal Rapé crafters from the forest. It comes in rope form on rolls and is grown and fermented naturally.

Tobacco plantation

The Tsunu ashes were sourced from the Yawanawa tribe, who live in the Gregorio river tribal lands in the municipality of Tarauaca. The ashes were burned in an artisanal style from sustainably sourced wood.

It is a basic Tsunu recipe that the Yawanawa make, probably an all-time favorite, especially compared to other types of Rapé with many ingredients. Simple and effective, the Tsunu recipe is simply high quality tobacco and Tsunu ashes. We have three varieties with different types of tobacco: native moi, medium strength Arapiraca, and the powerful Sabiá for those who like it really strong.

Sacred Connection Shamanic Snuff

Deep in the virgin forests of the Brazilian Amazon, since time immemorial the indigenous people living there have used their sacred plants for healing and prayer. Tobacco is one of the most important.

The Pano tribes of the Brazilian western Amazon use their tobacco mainly in the form of snuff: Rapé, or in their own language Rumã. They prepare their snuffs by mixing the finest tobacco powder with the ritualistically crafted ashes of specific trees. The snuffs are occasionally blended with selected herbs for a variety of objectives such as flavor, spiritual power, and healing.

Whereas “normal” snuff is inhaled, Shamanic Snuff is blown into the nose with tools called Kuripe and Tepi – one for self-application, the other for sharing with another person.

For the last ten years Sacred Connection has been working closely with these tribes, building capacity by bringing their products to the world. We have an extensive selection of indigenous snuffs and carry our own line of Shamanic Snuffs that we produce according to the highest quality standards and under the direct supervision of our partners from the forest.

More About Rapé

Rapé is a shamanic snuff, usually made with tobacco, found throughout the Amazon. It is used in traditional Amazonian medicine and shamanism as a medicinal herb, and as a tool for shamanic journeying.

Although rapé usually contains tobacco, it can contain a number of different herbs and plants to alter the experience. In addition, the strength of the tobacco used can change depending on the blend!

Rapé is usually administered by a shaman, through a pipe called a tepi. Small quantities of rapé are blown up the nostrils, one after the other. The effect can be powerful and immediate!

You can also take rapé yourself, using a special pipe called a kuripe. You will lose out on the experience and knowledge of the shaman, who can impart energetic healing and guidance too.

Depending on the cultural group, rapé is used in different ways. It is often used recreationally as a stimulant, but is also used to enhance the power of other plant medicines, or on its own for its transformative power. It has a number of purported medicinal properties – its capacity to provoke purging means it has a reputation as a cleanser of toxins from the body, and a booster of natural immunity.

Use with respect and care; it is a tobacco product and can be habit forming!

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