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Caboclo Gesileu – Rapé of the month

Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa: A Guardian of the Living Pharmacy of the Amazon Rainforest In the [...]

Kenes, The Indigenous Sacred Art

There is no art so unique among the indigenous people that inhabit the Peruvian-Brazilian border [...]

The Huni Kuin

“The shaman gives and takes life. To become a shaman, you go alone into the [...]

The Katukina

For the past few years we have been working closely with chief Fernando Katukina, leader [...]

What is Rapé?

What is Rapé? Rapé (pronounced “ha-pay”) is a shamanic and sacred tobacco-based snuff used across [...]

Sacred Ashes

Ashes are an essential ingredient in Sacred Rapé Snuff. They are burned from a variety [...]

The beginning

The beginning There was a time when death hadn’t reached humankind yet and the people [...]

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