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Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa: A Guardian of the Living Pharmacy of the Amazon Rainforest

In the city of Rio Branco, in the state of Acre, there resides an extraordinary man named Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa. Gesileu is a true master in the art of ancestral medicine. His knowledge has been acquired through years of studying with the most respected shamans of the Acre tribes, especially the Huni Kuin and the Yawanawa. His dedication and commitment have earned him a reputation as the finest producer in the region, known for the exceptional quality of the Rapé he creates.

Gesileu’s Rapé is truly special. Its production is carried out carefully and respectfully, following the traditional rituals passed down by the shamans. Each ingredient is precisely selected, combining sacred herbs and high-quality natural tobacco. The result is a powerful healing tool that can assist in various aspects of life.


The Essence of Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa:

Gesileu is a guardian of ancestral knowledge and an advocate for traditional Amazonian medicine. His dedication to learning from indigenous communities and preserving medicinal practices is a way of honoring and respecting the cultures that have taught him. He is an inspiring example of how the exchange of wisdom among different peoples can strengthen cultural preservation and people’s well-being.


Gesileu’s Living Pharmacy:

Gesileu’s residence in Rio Branco has been transformed into a true living pharmacy. He cultivates various medicinal plants, some of which are native to the Amazon, such as jambosa, jenipapo, and cipó-cravo. Each plant possesses specific therapeutic properties and is used by Gesileu in the preparation of teas, ointments, and other natural remedies. His living pharmacy is a treasure trove of knowledge and healing, passed down through generations and rooted in the deep connection between the forest people and nature.
Sensitivity and Reading the Forest:

According to Gesileu, transitioning from the urban environment to the forest requires a shift in sensitivity and attention. To understand the signs and traces in the jungle, one must tune in to nature and develop an intimate connection with the surrounding environment. This intuitive knowledge, acquired through years of experience and learning, allows Gesileu to identify the right plants for each healing need and preserve the ancestral wisdom that surrounds him.


The Importance of Traditional Medicine:

The practice of traditional medicine plays a fundamental role in the Amazon, where biodiversity offers an abundance of medicinal resources. The expertise of Gesileu and other forest medicine masters is valuable not only for physical health but also for the emotional and spiritual well-being of communities. Amazonian traditional medicine is a holistic form of healing that considers not only the symptom but also the connection between humans and nature.
Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa personifies the preservation of traditional knowledge and respect for nature in the Amazon. His dedication to learning from indigenous peoples and cultivating a living pharmacy is an example of how ancestral wisdom can be valued and applied in the pursuit of health and balance. As we recognize the importance of these masters and their connection to the forest, we also become more aware of the need to preserve and protect the cultural and environmental richness of the Amazon for present and future generations.

Caboclo Gesileu Rapé:

Gesileu Rapé is a powerful and traditional tobacco mixture made with the addition of cumaru seeds and other herbs, originating from indigenous cultures of the Amazon region.
The cumaru seed, one of the main ingredients in Gesileu Rapé, comes from the Dipteryx odorata tree, mainly found in the Amazon. This seed has a sweet and woody aroma and is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants and substances that help combat stress and anxiety.

Gesileu Rapé is prepared carefully and ritually. The cumaru seeds, along with other selected herbs, are ground into a fine powder and mixed with special tobacco. This process is carried out with intention and respect, often accompanied by sacred chants and prayers.
The effects can vary depending on the person and the intention with which it is used. Many report a sense of mental clarity, energetic cleansing, and expanded consciousness. Furthermore, Rapé can promote relief from physical and emotional pain, acting as a powerful immune system stimulant and healing agent.


Considered one of the highest-quality rapés, Gesileu Rapé with cumaru seeds and other herbs is a sacred and powerful mixture used in Amazonian indigenous traditions. Its use involves a deep connection with spirituality, providing physical, mental, and emotional benefits. However, it is essential to approach this practice with respect, awareness, and proper knowledge.

And now, we are pleased to announce the partnership between Sacred Connection and this old friend. We are joining forces to bring you the unique opportunity to experience the magic of Gesileu Rapé. Our mission is to share the benefits of this sacred medicine, allowing you to experience a deep connection with your own essence.

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