Caboclo Rapé – Eucalipto


Caboclo Rapé – Eucalipto

Refreshes the mind but potent, with a kick!

Caboclo Eucalipto was made by one of our favorite rapé makers. It was made with the potent Sabia tobacco, tsunu ashes, and two additional herbs. It is made with a touch of eucalyptus and a local herb called alfavaca da mata, native alfavaca – it lowers fever, headaches and helps immunity. It is also used in herbal baths against magic and for cleansing.
The Caboclo culture derives from the worker immigrants that mixed with the indigenous population and share a lot of knowledge with the indigenous.


The people called Caboclos are the fruit of historical syncretic relations dating back to the post-colonization period of our continent, bringing a fusion of Indigenous, European and African elements. This is where new nuances of tastes and knowledge fuse to give us the unique rapé blend presented here. In this mixture of peoples that is the population of the Amazon we find some great Rapé crafters making beautiful medicine bringing their own cultural influences.

More About Rapé

Rapé is a shamanic snuff, usually made with tobacco, found throughout the Amazon. It is used in traditional Amazonian medicine and shamanism as a medicinal herb, and as a tool for shamanic journeying.

Although rapé usually contains tobacco, it can contain a number of different herbs and plants to alter the experience. In addition, the strength of the tobacco used can change depending on the blend!

Rapé is usually administered by a shaman, through a pipe called a tepi. Small quantities of rapé are blown up the nostrils, one after the other. The effect can be powerful and immediate!

You can also take rapé yourself, using a special pipe called a kuripe. You will lose out on the experience and knowledge of the shaman, who can impart energetic healing and guidance too.

Depending on the cultural group, rapé is used in different ways. It is often used recreationally as a stimulant, but is also used to enhance the power of other plant medicines, or on its own for its transformative power. It has a number of purported medicinal properties – its capacity to provoke purging means it has a reputation as a cleanser of toxins from the body, and a booster of natural immunity.


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