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A Journey of Enlightement: Rapé Maker Jesse tells the story behind the creation of his Paricá Rapé

The Meaning of Caboclo In Brazilian culture, more specifically to the peoples that reside in [...]

Shawãcaiá Shawãdawa – The Story of a Rapé Maker

Rupusuty: The snuff of the Shawãdawa Rupusuty is the name the Shawãdawa people give to [...]

The demystification of Sacred Medicine: an interview with Master Rapé Maker Gesileu Phasphy Ninawa

To this day, misconceptions and prejudiced opinions regarding natural medicine, especially the kind practiced by [...]

Caboclo Gesileu – Rapé of the month

Gesileu Phaspy Ninawa: A Guardian of the Living Pharmacy of the Amazon Rainforest In the [...]