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Yawanawá Rapé – Tsunu
Nukini Rapé – Onça
Shawadawa Rapé – Spiritual
Caboclo Rapé – Parica
Kuntanawa Rapé – Nixpu

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The maker of our Tsunu is the young and well respected Rasu Yawanawa. Many years ago Rasu was the youngest person to the one year initiation diet guided by his great grand father. 

For his initiation he was staying many months alone with his guide way up in the forest partaking their most sacred plants. 

He is an accomplished musician playing a variety of instruments. Last year he recorded a music with the legendary Brazilian DJ Alok.

Yawanawa Rapé - Tsunu

Tsunu snuff has many benefits attributed to it. It is thought to have the power of healing and spiritual strength. It helps with energetic cleansing and to fight physical tiredness. 

The Yawanawa use it to give strength when working in the field or when going hunting. Tsunu Rapé Heats the body and that is why the people in the forest like to use their Snuff before taking their baths in the river.


Like many Pano communities, the Nukini lost almost everything to rubber tappers, evangelists, and other historical challenges.

Their founder and spiritual leader, Xiti Nukini, with the help of his grandmother, rescued their ancestral traditions from extinction.

His vision inspired the community and partners like us, who have worked for many years as a bridge to bring their products to the world. 

Nukini Rapé - Onça

The Nukini are called the people of the jaguar. In Portuguese the Jaguar is the Onça Pintada. It is a shamanic power animal of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon but none take it as close to heart as the Nukini. 

Xiti, a young cultural and spiritual leader of the tribe. Xiti is the top Rapé master of his people and he makes this particular medicine. Nukini Onça is his signature blend with his personal selection of sacred herbs. 


…“We are from the pano linguistic root like families as the Yawanawa, Poyanawa, Kaxinawa, Jaminawa, Deadawa, 

Kuntanawa and many others. Shawã means Arara, Macaw and Dawa is family so we are the family of the macaw.

We are also always looking to save and salvage our culture, the teachings of our ancestors. The use of our sacred medicines brings us this study of healing and of our ancestral teachings”.

Shawãdawa Rapé - Spiritual

This Rapé was made under the power of the full moon with Sunu ashes and a medicine from Shawã traditional use, Kapayuba.

“The Spiritual Rapé is a medicine with the same functions as normal Rapé but it also has a spiritual study to it. We use it in the spiritual works with Ayahuasca to connect with the healing songs; it opens the visions and strengthens the colours…”


One of the best and one of the first non-indigenous Rapé crafters of the region makes this very special Rapé Snuff. Growing up deep in the forest he started working as a youngster tapping rubber. He used shoes for the first time around fourteen, saw a city for the first time when he was sixteen and learned to read and write when we was 21.

This man is a great connoisseur of the forest, its flora and its medicines. He has been studying them forever and used to work for the government as an expert in identifying plants and terrain in the forest

Caboclo Rapé - Paricá

Our Caboclo Paricá Rapé blend is not for the weak hearted, it is a powerful medicine to go deep. Rapé blends of late have become overall stronger and stronger. This was one of the first blends to be of this powerful variety. It is

energetic and grounding. When taking a bit more it takes you all the way. Made with powerful Rustica tobacco and ashes from the bark of a tree locally known as Paricá.


Univu grew up in the forest working since a young age as a rubber tapper where he was introduced to the medicines and mysteries of the Amazon Forest. Later in life he more and more dedicated himself to studying the healing plants and spiritual medicines of the region.

He is a very intuitive person who learns from his surroundings, from nature, the sun, and the stars. He learned from the sacred plants and the spiritual beings that live in the magical forest. He is very dedicated to the sacred medicines and has many a story to tell, a real teacher of the plants and its mysteries. Kuntanawa Rapé is his specialty.

Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu

Kuntanawa Nixpu Rapé is a beautiful Shamanic Snuff crafted with Nixpu. The Snuff artesian uses the usual strong top quality Nicotiana Rustica Mapacho from the Northeast of Brazil.

Our Kunatnawa Rapé Snuff providers always use the best ingredients. Apart from this they have the touch of making great Snuffs with the best tobacco and ash ratio always giving their medicine this beautiful light brown or beige colouring. A very consistent product. 

Condor Eagle Activation Kit
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