Tauari Mapacho Smudge


The perfect companion to those who venture into the mystic side of sacred healing, the Tauari Smudging Cigars offered by Sacred Connection are used by Pajés (shamans), healers and spiritual guides.

They work alongside powerful entities from different religions, especially those pertaining to the world of Encantaria (a spiritual practice common across certain Brazilian states).

Frequently appreciated for smudging rituals, these cigars are the combination between cultural aspects of groups that reside in northeastern Brazil, indigenous medicine, and african traditions that also compose Brazilian culture as a whole.

The cigars themselves are made using an exclusive blend of sacred herbs, following traditional recipes of a great Pajé, who’s a part of Caboclo culture, that shares with us the power of his knowledge of natural healing.



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Tauari Mapacho Smudge
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