A Gem of Tradition Valued
by Amazonian Tribes

Hello, Sacred-Snuff community! Today, we’ll be diving into the captivating recipe of Cacau Rapé, a beautiful blend of rejuvenation, hailing from the heart of the Amazon. This incredible blend is an authentic medicine rooted in ancestral traditions, greatly valued by indigenous tribes like the Apurinã, Huni Kuin, and Kaxinawa.


Sacred Tree in the Amazon

Cacau Rapé is born from the Amazonian cacao tree, also known as the cocoa tree. It’s a native tree in the Amazon rainforest and is, apart from its value as an essential food, highly valued for its medicinal properties. The cacao tree isn’t just a botanical specimen, but a cornerstone of entire communities. Indigenous tribes, from the biggest to the smallest, have a spiritual link with this native tree.

The Challenging Process
of Creating Cacau Rapé

The process of creating Cacau Rapé
is a challenging one.


It starts with sourcing the trees deep in the forest on the river banks.


Then comes the harvesting of the bark from the cacao tree and burning it into the finest ashes.


These are then filtered into a dry powder. This clean powder, rich with earthy tones, forms the base for the Cacau Rapé blend.

The grinding process is a grounding one, with healers from the tribes overseeing the delicate transformation.
The result? Aromatic Rapé, imbued with 
the energy of the Amazon.


Heart Opening Rapé

Cacau Rapé is more than just a beautiful recipe it’s a powerful medicine. Known for its heart-opening power, Rapé that works to cleanse, a blend believed to open the heart chakra and crown chakra, the core energy centres in our body. This gentle but powerful recipe is a heart stimulant, providing an energetic boost to your energy levels.


Cacao Rapé

Among the various types of Rapé available—like Bobinsana Rapé, Cumaru Rapé, Katukina Rapé, Kaxinawa Rapé, Yawanawa Esperanza Rapé, and Sananga Rapé —the Cacau blend is particularly unique. With its dark reddish color and aromatic scent, Cacau Rapé or Cocoa Rapé is considered a blend of rejuvenation, known for its healing power and medicinal properties. This beautiful blend is an incredible amalgamation of native cacao and ancestral medicine mainly from the Kaxinawa or Huni Kuin traditon.


Ancestral Medicine
Cacau Rapé is a part of the broader field of ancestral medicine, utilized by the biggest tribes like the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa. It’s known for its healing process, which aids both mental healing and physical pain. More than just a natural product, Cacau Rapé embodies the healing traditions of the Amazon.


A Powerful Blend
Don’t let the gentle recipe of Cacau Rapé fool you—this is a blend with huge power. The strength of Sabia and Moi Mapacho, combined with the cacao ashes, results in a powerful blend. This colored medicine is a testament to the healing properties of traditional knowledge. It’s a recipe made since ancient times by the Kaxinawa or as they preferred to be called, Huni Kuin tribe.

The Captivating Recipe of Cacau Rapé’s Quality Product

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Always Fresh, Always Natural

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Cacau Rapé isn’t the only blend that we offer. Our range includes other powerful blends, like the Menta Rapé, Murici Rapé, Nukini Onça or Jaguar Rapé, Yuxibu Rapé, Paricá Rapé, Tsunu Rapé, Xixa Rapé, Yawanawa Hukena Rapé, and Yawanawa Pai Nani Rapé. Each has its unique healing properties, offering different energy boosts and healing processes.


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Cacau Rapé is a powerful blend, a beautiful recipe of rejuvenation that combines the ancestral medicine and healing power of the Amazonian cacao tree. This dark-colored, aromatic Rapé is more than just a product—it’s a healing journey, a spiritual experience rooted in the traditional knowledge of the indigenous tribes. By offering Cacau Rapé and other Rapé blends, we at aim to uphold these traditions, connecting you with the heart-opening power of this ancestral medicine.