Shanenawa Caneleiro – Rapé of the month

Experience the power of the Caneleiro Tree in a high quality natural medicine. Live a potent and healing experience through one of the most amazing and powerful trees from the Amazon Forest, the Earth’s lung.

Our Rapé Shanenawa will transport you all the way to the rainforest, giving you a chance to connect with the Shanenawa tribe and the ancestors that have shaped the world of natural medicine as we know it today.
The Caneleiro Snuff is prepared with Caneleiro ashes and a natural rope tobacco. It has the same medicinal properties as Canela de Velho (Old Man Cinnamon).

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This plant works wonders to reduce pain and inflammation in the joint region, back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, blood purification and much more.

The name Shanenawa etymologically is composed of the forms Shane (blue-colored bird species) and Nawa (foreign people). Thus, they would be the Blue Bird People.

This snuff will give you the unique opportunity to connect with ancestral people and their medicine. The rapé has an important story and meaning, as well as the tribe that contribute for you to be able to consecrate this powerful medicine.

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