Kuntanawa Samauma Flower – Rapé of the month

December 2022, the end of the year is drawing close, a time of endings and new beginnings, of celebrations and contemplation.

As our Rapé Sacred Snuff of the month we bring to you from the depths of the Amazon rain forest a special from our dear friend Pedro Univu, the Rapé Kuntanawa Samauma Flower.

This is a very special Kuntanawa Snuff made with the delicate and deliciously scented Samauma Flowers. This Snuff can only be made when the trees are flowering since the scent of the blossoms is very volatile. Because of the great height of the Samauma tree, the Queen of the Forest, the biggest of them all, they must wait for the flowers to fall naturally to the ground.

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They go into the forest before dawn to collect them before the suns comes out and makes them wilt. Then they do their thing and prepare this magical Rapé Snuff. How they do the rest is the secret of the cook. This Rapé is a rarity, we haven’t seen it made by anyone else. A medicine to contemplate the higher spheres of the astral plane, to connect and elevate your spirit. Enjoy!

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