Yawanawa Earrings – Xtra Large


Yawanawa Earrings

The Yawanawa earrings feature tribal designs or “Kenê” as they call the images they use for body painting. They represent sacred animals like the Boa Constrictor and the Butterfly.

These earrings are pure Yawanawa tribal elegance. They fall delicately down the shoulders. Apart from pure style they also bring spiritual power and protection. The sacred forces of the forest are forever alive in Yawanawa tribal tradition.

The Yawanawa beadwork is mostly done by the women of the tribe. They spend long hours on this arduous labor of love. Each bead is knotted one by one by hand. In general they make the patterns by heart. All inspired in the visions of their sacred medicine ceremonies.

All pieces are unique!

Tribal beadwork

Handicrafts are of extreme importance to the communities. Both in the family and in the preservation of ancestral traditions. When a Kenê is imprinted each image has its own significance. They can be used in the form of body painting, everyday objects and ritual occasions. Yawanawa art combines history and memory and have sacred meaning. They are creating the connection with forest beings, the ancestral force. Kenês invoke courage, strength, power and wisdom. It is a language of great importance for the artistic and cultural heritage of these peoples. It is suggesting a present exchange, between ways of observing, experiencing and understanding the world.


The Yawanawa have a profound knowledge in their shamanic system kept by their initiates and shamans. The study of Yawanawa spirituality begins with prayers and diets and intense initiation processes mark the journey. Among the sacred medicines of the Yawanawa people the Rumé or Rumã as they call their Shamanic Snuff has a central place in their culture. It is one of their main preparations of power. Rapé has an ancestral legacy of healing existing since immemorial times in their cosmology as related in their stories.

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