Huni Kuin Rapé – Murici


Murici is a classic of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa tradition. A nice and simple rapé great for general use. Although the Huni Kuin have a vast variety of recipes and ingredients they use in their sacred snuffs, the Murici blend is a standard similar to what the Tsunu blend is to the Yawanawa: rice and beans, the daily staple.

The Murici tree is a common tree in the forest and produces a fruit much appreciated by forest animals.
According to the Huni Kuin, Murici rapé helps to fight fatigue and keeps ones spiritually active, its action is associated with the joy of celebrating with friends.

10ml contains 7gr. or 0,25oz. 30ml contains 21gr. or 0,75oz. (on average)

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